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What Is Petroleum?

The prefix “petro-” is an arbitrary abbreviation of the word “petroleum”.
Since “petro-” is Ancient Greek for “rock” and “oleum” means “oil”. Therefore, the etymologically correct term would be “oleochemicals”.

What Is Bitumen?

Bitumen is an oil-based non crystalline solid substance produced naturally or from crude oil refining.

Who can use Light Diesel Oil (LDO)

Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is mainly used in stationary applications. Light diesel oil (LDO) is a non-automotive diesel fuel that is mainly used in low RPM engines and equipment. Light Diesel Oil is a type of diesel fuel that has flash point greater than 66 deg C and is widely used in certain types of boilers and furnaces as basic fuel.

What is the k factor of diesel?

K Factor is the comparison between the inlet diameter to the outlet diameter of a given spray hole. A positive K factor would mean a conical spray hole, with a larger inlet than outlet. Conversely, A negative K Factor would result in a conical spray hole with a larger outlet than inlet.