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Biodiesel is a transportation fuels like ethanol and diesel, Made from biomass materials. Bio fuels blend with the petroleum fuels like gasoline and diesel fuel. They are used on their own.

Uses of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an environmental friendly fuel. Edible and non-edible vegetable oils produce the diesel. It can partly or fully replace diesel as a direct fuel. Every diesel engine powered vehicle can use this fuel on roads. (Millions of miles were logged on biodiesel in EU nations). Road construction, Mining, Farm machinery and marine engines uses this fuel safely. With new power generation capacity coming online, Biofuel makes an attractive choice to meet the regulations. Many stationary applications, Requiring exhaust emission control system, which will work well with biofuel not work with diesel fuel. With many states now mandating hybrid electric vehicles (including the fuel cell hybrid), biodiesel will make excellent reforming fuel.

Physical Properties of Biodiesel

ColourDeep yellow to dark brown
Kinematic Viscoscity at 40Deg C4.0-14.0 mm2/Sec
Sp. Gr.0.86 – 0.90
Ash (% by mass)<0.2
Boiling Point240-360 Deg C
Flash Point (Closed up)120 deg C min.

Comparison of Biodiesel vs Diesel

SI. No.PropertyUnitsBIS Limits DieselBIS Limits BioDiesel
1Density at 15oCkg/m3820-860860-900
2Viscocity at 40oCmm2/s(cst)2-52.5-6.0
3Flash Point (Closed Cup)oC (min)66120
4Sulphur Contentmg/kg (max)50050
5Carbon Residue% mass max0.30.05
6Acid Numbermg KOH/gm maxTo report0.5
7Cetance Numbermin4851
8Ash Content% mass max0.010.02
9Moisture Contentmg/kg (max)NA500
10Total Contaminationsmg/kg (max)2424
11Copper Corrosion Test (at 50oC for 3 hrs max)Rating/Class11
12Oxidation Stability at 110oChrs, minNA6
13Ester Content% mass minNA96.5
14Methanol Content% mass maxNA0.2
15Monoglyceride Content% mass maxNANA
16Diglyceride Content% mass maxNANA
17Triglyceride Content% mass maxNANA
18Free Glycerin% mass maxNA0.02
19Total Glycerin% mass maxNA0.25
20Iodine Valuegm I2/100 gmNATo report
21Linolenic Acid Methly Ester% mass maxNANA
22Polyunsaturated Methly Ester% mass maxNANA
23Phosphorous Contentmg/kg (max)NA10
24Alkali Content (Na + K)ppm (mg/kg) maxNATo report
25Alkaline Earth Metals (Ca + Mg)ppm (mg/kg) maxNATo report

Comparison of Biodiesel vs LDO Fuel

Technical SpecificationBIS Standard for LDOLDO of oil Marketing companiesBiodieselRemarks
Calorific Value in Kcal/kg9900 – 10500103009900 – 10500very similar to LDO
Ash% Mass Max0.020.01-0.020.01Lower the ash better the performance
Carbon Residue (Ramsbottom) on 10% residue % by Mass Max1.51.5<1.0lower the carbon residue better the performance
Density in Kg/M3To be reported<890870-900Very similar to that of LDO
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 Deg.C. in cst5-15.75-15.74-14Lower the viscosity better the performance
BiodegradabilityPoor Biodegradability Degrades readily 
ToxicityHighly Toxic Essentially non toxic 
Fuel typePolluting Non renewable Clean renewable 
ShippingHazardous Non Hazardous    Non Flammable 
Total Sulphur % by mass. Max1.81.5-1.8Almost nilLesser the sulphur content better the efficiency and more eco-friendly
Water content % by volume Max0.250.250.05-0.20Lesser water content yields better effect
Flash Point in Deg.C Min6666>120Higher the flash point safer the fuel & no need of explosive or storage license

Sectors using Biodiesel

Presently our customers are using Biodiesel for the following usages:

i)                 Textile industries uses as coning oil.

ii)               Chemical industries for usage as lubricant.

iii)              Jute industries as replacement of jute batching oil.

iv)             Marine industries replacing diesel by Biodiesel for fishing tra wler.

v)              Mining industries for use in the heavy duty earth moving equipment.

vi)             Stationery power generation industry for testing oil in boiler.

vii)           Pharma and Hotel Industries are replacing diesel with bio-diesel as a  boiler fuel.

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