Bitumen – grades of bitumen

bitumen bulk is over flowing out of bitumen tanker

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what is bitumen?

Bitumen is a mixture of organic liquids that are highly viscous, black and sticky. Bitumen is entirely soluble in carbon disulfide and composed primarily of highly condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Bitumen is also called as asphalt and tar. Bitumen is used in the production of bituminous waterproofing products, roof products, roof shingles, roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs.

Bitumen – grades

Bitumen is classified into four types based on Viscosity, as given below

VG-10 Bitumen: Vg-10 is widely used in spraying applications such as surface-dressing and paving in very cold climate in lieu of old 80/100 Penetration grade. It is also used to manufacture Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen products.

VG-20 Bitumen: Vg-20 is used for paving on cold climate & high altitude regions

VG-30 Bitumen: Vg-30 is primarily used to construct extra heavy duty Bitumen pavements that need to endure substantial triadic loads. It can be used in lieu of 60/70 Penetration grade.

VG-40 Bitumen: Vg-40 is used in highly stressed areas such as intersections, near toll booths and truck parking lots in lieu of old 30/40 Penetration grade. Due to its higher viscosity, stiffer Bitumen mixes can be produced to improve resistance to shoving and other problems associated with higher temperature and heavy traffic loads.


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