LDO – light diesel oil

light diesel oil unloading from tanker

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Diesel is a fuel suitable for burning in diesel or compression ignition engines. Petroleum diesel fuels may be distillates or blends of distillates and residual fuels. High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Light diesel oil (LDO) sold main diesel grades marketed in India.

What is LDO? Where does LDO use?

LDO is a blend of distillate fuel with a small proportion of residual fuel. The stationary type of diesel engines operating above 750 rpm use LDO as a fuel. ldo(light diesel oil) is a medium colored fuel either distilled or residual fraction of various oils that is extracted while distillation. This fuel is free flowing in nature. LDO is class C category fuel. light diesel oil is an affective alternative fuel for varieties of furnace and boiler applications.


Light diesel oil specification

Technical SpecificationBIS Standard for LDOLDO of oil Marketing companies
Calorific Value in Kcal/kg9900 – 1050010300
Ash% Mass Max0.020.01-0.02
Carbon Residue (Ramsbottom) on 10% residue % by Mass Max1.51.5
Density in Kg/M3To be reported<890
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 Deg.C. in cst5-15.75-15.7
BiodegradabilityPoor Biodegradability
ToxicityHighly Toxic
Fuel typePolluting Non renewable
Total Sulphur % by mass. Max1.81.5-1.8
Water content % by volume ” Max0.250.25
Flash Point in Deg.C Min6666

1.Relative Density @ 15 °C, Kg / m3ReportIS 1448(P: 32)855
2.Flash Point (PMC), °C66 Min.IS 1448(P: 21)74
3.Viscosity, Kinematic @ 40°C, cSt2.5 to 15.7 Max.IS 1448(P: 25)5.0
4.Ramsbottom Carbon Residue (RCR)
, percent by mass
1.50 MaxIS 1448(P: 8)1.30
5.Copper Strip Corrosion, 3 hrs at
Not Worse than No. 2IS 1448(P: 15)No.1
6.Water content % by Vol.1.0 Max.IS 1448(P: 40)<0.05
7.Sediment % by Mass0.10 Max.IS 1448(P: 30)0.04
8.Ash % by Mass0.02 MaxIS 1448(P: 4)0.01
9.Acidity, Inorganic, mg KOH /gm,NILIS 1448(P: 2)Nil
10.Sulphur, Total % by Mass1.8 MaxIS 1448(P: 33) & P: 351.2
11.Pour Point, °C12°C for Winter, Max
21°C for Summer, Max
IS 1448(P: 10)Minus 3

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