Bitumen prices reduced in India from 16-01-24.

image explains bitumen prices at Chennai from 16-01-2024

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Bitumen prices are changed In India. The National Oil marketing companies changed the Bitumen bulk price, Bitumen packed price, CRMB bulk price , CRMB packed price and  Bitumen emulsion prices for the second half of January ,2024 wef 16/01/2024. All the VG graded  Bituminous product prices reduced from the previous revision.

As per the latest publication of oil marketing companies, In Chennai, Bitumen VG 10 Bulk price, Bitumen VG30 Bulk price, Bitumen VG 10 Packed price, Bitumen VG 30 packed , Bitumen VG40 Bulk prices , CRMB 55 Bulk price , CRMB 60 Bulk prices  are revised down on 16th January, 2024.

Bitumen competitive Prices: Bulk vs. Packed Options

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Bulk Bitumen Prices (per Metric Ton) from Chennai:

  • Bitumen VG-10: Rs. 39,392/-
  • Bitumen VG-30: Rs. 39,892/-
  • Bitumen VG-40: Rs. 41,502/-

Packed Bitumen Prices (per Metric Ton) from Chennai:

  • Bitumen VG-10: Rs. 46,892/-
  • Bitumen VG-30: Rs. 47,392/-
  • Bitumen VG-40: Rs. 49,002/-

Explore the cost variations between bulk and packed options, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs. Whether it’s Bitumen VG-10, VG-30, or VG-40, our prices are designed to meet your requirements while ensuring quality.

Bitumen specification

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