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FO LDO SKO LSHS Prices reduced while Petcoke prices remained unchanged as on 1/5/2020
Furnace oil , Light Diesel oil , LSHS , Superior Kerosene oil prices reduced while Petroleum coke prices are unchanged as on 1/5/2020

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 1st May 2020.

Furnace Oil (F.O), Light Diesel Oil (LDO), Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO) - Industrial , Low Sulphur Heavy Stock(LSHS) and Petcoke - Industrial are the fuels largely used as a fuel to generate electricity and heat in different sectors. Being market-linked, Furnace Oil (FO), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), Low Sulphur Heavy Stock(LSHS) and Petcoke prices are changed by Oil marketing companies (OMCs) on a fortnightly basis in India.

As We predicted, In India, Industrial fuel oil prices are revised down wef 01/05/2020 , for the first half of May across all the oil marketing company depos. In Visakha depo,  The  Furnace oil (F.O) basic prices are revised down by Rs.2880 per KL or 12.9% to Rs.19419.82 per KL, Light Diesel Oil (LDO) prices are decreased by Rs.4710 per KL or 18.08% at Rs.21340 per KL , Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO-Industrial) prices fell by Rs.6333 or 14.5% to Rs.37340 per ltr. Low sulphur heavy stock (LSHS) prices are decreased by Rs.1970 or 7.94% while Petcoke prices are remained unchanged at Rs.7000 wef 1/5/2020. Bunker prices are traded down across the world major ports. Fuel oil prices slumped $24 or 5% during last fortnight in Singapore markets followed by a massive correction in world crude oil price indexes.

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