Solvents prices revised on 16-10-2023 in India

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MTO/KLRs. 94200Rs. 942000
Hexane/KLRs. 95400Rs. 93650-1750
SBP/KLRs. 95000Rs. 950000
Benzene/MTRs. 84200Rs. 842000
Toulene/MTRs. 100000Rs. 95000-5000
Sulfur/MTRs. 12440Rs. 124400
Solvent prices in Mumbai

A solvent is a liquid that dissolves another substance. In India, solvents are important chemicals made from crude oil. Their prices can change based on crude oil prices. Oil companies in India adjust solvent prices every two weeks according to global crude oil prices.

Recently, some solvent prices in Mumbai have been revised: Mineral Turpentine Oil costs Rs.94200 per Kl, Hexane is Rs.93650 per KL, and SBP is Rs.95000 per Kl. Benzene costs Rs.84200 per Mt, Toluene is Rs.95000 per Mt, and Sulphur is Rs.12440 per Mt.

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