Solvents prices little changed in India on 16-01-2024.

image shows solvents price movements in India

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A Solvent is a liquid that dissolves a solute. Solvents are organic chemicals and form an important part of the Indian petrochemical industry. The Industry is dominated by PSUs and private companies. The prices of derivatives like chemicals and solvents are vulnerable to crude price volatility. Following the world crude crude price index, Oil marketing companies revise the solvents prices on a fortnightly basis.

The white oils / solvents and special products like MTO prices are increased. Hexane and Sulfur prices are reduced. Toluene, Benzene and SBP prices remain unchanged from BPCL, Mumbai wef 16/01/2024 for the second half of January, 2024.

Unlock Cost-Effective Solutions: Current Chemical Prices in Mumbai

In the bustling market of Mumbai, stay in the know with the latest chemical prices that can impact your business.

Here’s a snapshot of the current rates for key chemicals:

  • Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO): Rs. 83,550 per Kl
  • Hexane: Rs. 94,050 per Kl
  • Special Boiling Point (SBP): Rs. 94,100 per Kl
  • Benzene: Rs. 74,850 per Mt
  • Toluene: Rs. 80,000 per Mt
  • Sulphur: Rs. 10,490 per Mt

Being informed about market prices is the key to staying competitive to enable end user to take key decisions on procurement. Whether you operate in manufacturing, industry, or any chemical-dependent sector, knowing the current rates empowers you to make strategic choices.

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