Solvent prices in India. 01-04-2024.

The graph represents solvents price in India for this month

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MTORs. 85050Rs. 84800
HEXANERs. 97100Rs. 96850
SBPRs. 93100Rs. 95850
BENZENERs. 88610Rs. 89000
TOULENERs. 83000Rs. 85100
SULFURRs. 9910Rs. 10880
Location- Mumbai

Solvent prices in India changed with BPCL updating their prices for the first half of April. Solvents such as MTO, SBP, Hexane, Toluene, Benzene, and Sulphur saw a change in the prices as the previous revision on March 16th, 2024.

Solvents prices at BPCL as on 1st April, 2024 are as follows. Hexane prices decreased in Mumbai to Rs. 96,850/- per KL. MTO prices decreased to Rs. 84,800/- per KL in Mumbai. SBP prices surged at Rs. 95,850/- per KL in BPCL. Benzene prices increased to Rs. 89,000/- per Mt. Toluene prices rose at Rs. 85,100/- per Mt. Sulphur prices increased to Rs. 10,880/- per Mt.

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