Bitumen prices revised up on 16-10-2023

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BITUMEN VG10 BULK4554246032490
BITUMEN VG30 BULK4634246832490
BITUMEN VG40 BULK4886249412550
BITUMEN VG10 PKD5284253332490
BITUMEN VG30 PKD5364254132490
Bitumen prices in India

In October 2023, the National Oil Marketing Companies in India made adjustments to the prices of various bitumen products in Chennai. Here’s a summary of the updated prices:

Bulk Prices (per Mt):

  • Bitumen VG-10: Rs. 46,032/-
  • Bitumen VG-30: Rs. 46,832/-
  • Bitumen VG-40: Rs. 49,412/-
  • CRMB 55: Rs. 37,200/-
  • CRMB 60: Rs. 37,210/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Slow) SS1: Rs. 44,630/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Slow) SS2: Rs. 30,470/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Rapid) RS1: Rs. 29,570/-

Packed Prices (per Mt):

  • VG-10: Rs. 53,332/-
  • VG-30: Rs. 54,132/-
  • CRMB 55: Rs. 43,310/-
  • CRMB 60: Rs. 43,290/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Slow) SS1: Rs. 49,310/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Slow) SS2: Rs. 35,350/-
  • Bitumen Emulsion (Rapid) RS1: Rs. 34,460/-

It’s important to note that prices for Bitumen Emulsion Bulk (Rapid) and (Slow) SS2 remained unchanged in the Chennai depot during this period. For the most recent and detailed information on bitumen prices, please refer to our platform for timely updates. – Your Trusted Bitumen Price Information Partner

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