Bitumen price in India. 16-6-2024

The graph shows Bitumen prices for the second half of June, 2024 in chennai.

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Bitumen price changed in India

VG 10 BULKRs. 37352Rs. 37152
VG 30 BULKRs. 38152Rs. 37952
VG 40 BULKRs. 39922Rs. 39702
VG 10 PACKEDRs. 48152Rs. 47452
VG 30 PACKEDRs. 48952Rs. 48252
Location- Chennai

Bitumen prices dropped on 16th June in India. Oil companies have updated the costs for all types of VG-graded bitumen, including both bulk and packed bitumen stored in Chennai. The new prices are as follows:
Bitumen VG-10 is Rs. 37,152 per metric ton. Bitumen VG-30 in bulk is Rs. 37,952 per metric ton. Bitumen VG-40 in bulk is Rs. 39,702 per metric ton. Packed bitumen VG-10 now costs Rs. 47,452 per metric ton, and packed bitumen VG-30 is Rs. 48,252 per metric ton.


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