Bitumen at cut-prices now in India from 1-11-23

Bitumen prices revised down

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DATE 16-10-202301-11-2023
BITUMEN VG10 BULKRs. 46032Rs. 45202-830
BITUMEN VG30 BULKRs. 46832Rs. 46002-830
BITUMEN VG40 BULKRs. 49412Rs. 48462-950
BITUMEN VG10 PKDRs. 53332Rs. 52502-830
BITUMEN VG30 PKDRs. 54132Rs. 53302-830
Bitumen prices in India.

Bitumen VG 10 Bulk, Bitumen VG 30 Bulk, Bitumen VG 30 and CRMB prices are revised down In India. National Oil marketing companies change Bitumen bulk price, Bitumen packed price for every fortnight of a month. The OMCs reduced all the VG graded Bituminous product prices from the previous revision as on 1/11/2023.

At Chennai depo, Bitumen VG-10 (Bulk) – Rs.45202/- per Mt while VG-30 (Bulk) price is Rs.46002/- per Mt. VG-40 (bulk) – Rs.48462/- per Mt where as Bitumen VG-10 (packed) – Rs.52502/- per Mt.

Bitumen VG-30(packed) price – Rs.53302/- per Mt with CRMB 55 & 60 Bulk price – Rs.37200/- per Mt. & Rs.37210/- per Mt respectively. CRMB 55 packed price – Rs.43310/- per Mt. CRMB 60 (packed) price is Rs.43290/- per Mt.

Affordable bitumen can ignite a surge in road construction activity in India, sparking rapid infrastructure development. Lower prices empower construction firms, propelling them to undertake ambitious projects, thereby revitalizing transportation networks nationwide. This stimulus not only fosters economic growth but also amplifies connectivity, propelling India towards a more prosperous and well-connected future.

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