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By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 9th July, 2018 20:12 IST


Fuel oil Crack Spread August futures is quoting -9.455 at the time reporting. Asia&#39s fuel oil markets edged up today. Last week, Fuel oil markets ended lower, pulling back from multi year&#39s high levels. Both the 180 cSt and 380 cSt graded fuel oil prices rose $4 each with 0.8 pct upward change in Singapore market.


Japan is set to get its first liquefied natural gas bunkering vessels at the end of 2020. The Central LNG shipping Japan Corporation said it ordered the LNG Bunkering Vessel(LBV) from Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Delivery is scheduled for around September to December 2020, and will become the first to be operated in Japan, CLS said.

Veritas Petroleum Services(VPS) has issued a bunker alert for the Norwegian port of Bergen relating to the supply of distillates with a low flash point.

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