Solvents Price. 01-06-2024

The graph shows solvents price for the first half of june in mumbai

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Solvents price in India

MTO prices are dropped Rs.3750/- per KL to Rs.82150 per KL on June 01, 2024 from BPCL, Mumbai depo. Hexane prices fell Rs.1250 per KL to Rs.95250/- per KL at BPCL Mumbai depo. SBP prices plunged Rs.1800 per KL to Rs.94050 per KL. Benzene prices are plummeted Rs.1300/- per Mt to Rs.91300 per Mt. Toluene prices are little changed down Rs.700/- per mt to Rs.88300 per Mt. Sulphur prices are revised up Rs.400/- to Rs.11870/- per Mt. from BPCL Mumbai depo.


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