Solvent Price. 16-05-2024

The graph shows Solvent prices in mumbai

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MTORs. 85900Rs. 85900
HEXANERs. 97100Rs. 96500
SBPRs. 95850Rs. 95850
BENZENERs. 92600Rs. 92600
TOULENERs. 89000Rs. 89000
SULFURRs. 11470Rs. 11470
Location- Mumbai

Solvent prices in India are revised on 16th May, 2024. Solvents prices largely unchanged except Hexane in India for the second half of May 2024. Hexane prices are revised down. The prices for solvents like MTO, SBP, Toluene, Benzene, and Sulphur were updated. Here are the new prices from BPCL as of that date:

MTO is sold at Rs.85,900 per KL in Mumbai. Hexane price is Rs. 96,500 per kiloliter in Mumbai. SBP price is Rs. 95,850 per kiloliter. Benzene is priced at Rs. 92,600 per metric ton. Toluene price is Rs. 89,000 per metric ton Sulphur is sold at Rs. 11,470 per metric ton.

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