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Solvents prices are changed in India as on 1/10/2020
Mineral Turpentine Oil , Benzene retail prices down. Toluene , Sulfur prices up. Hexane , SBP prices unchanged.

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 1st Oct 2020.


A Solvent is a liquid that dissolves a solute. Solvents are organic chemicals and form an important part of the Indian petrochemical industry. The Industry is dominated by PSUs and private companies. The prices of derivatives like chemicals and solvents are vulnerable to crude price volatility. For example Benzene is produced from naphtha, which is made from crude oil. Phenol and acetone are produced from benzene and propylene. Following the world crude crude price index, Oil marketing companies revise the solvents prices on a fortnightly basis.

The white oils / solvents and special products like  Hexane, SBP prices are unchanged. Benzene , Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO) prices are reduced.  Toluene and Sulfur prices are increased by the oil marketing companies in India wef 1/10/2020 for the first half of Oct 2020.

In Mumbai,  MTO(Mineral Turpentine Oil ) is sold at Rs.57000 per Kl, Hexane is priced at Rs.55000/- per KL, SBP is available at Rs.57000/- per Kl while Benzene is quoted at Rs.32380/- per Mt . Toluene prices inched up to Rs.37000/- per Mt while Sulphur is sold high at Rs.7000/- per Mt.

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