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By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 6th Dec, 2018.

Petrol and Diesel prices are slashed down again today across all the major metro cities . After one day hiatus, In Delhi, Petrol prices are reduced by 40 paise or 0.43 pct and Diesel prices have fallen by 60 paise or 0.65 pct from previous day's prices. Petrol is being sold at Rs.71.32 per ltr and Diesel is priced at Rs.65.96 per ltr in the national capital of India. Petrol price has come down by Rs.8.23 with 10.9 pct and Diesel prices are pulled back by Rs.7.82 with 11.1 pct since the beginning of the  November. 

In India, Motor fuel oil prices are trended downside as per the daily revision policy of fuel prices which follow the global oil price trend on daily basis. Many of the analysts are in the opinion that the current pricing policy lacks transparency as both the center and state governments seems to be in no hurry to part the benefits of softening global oil prices at the retail end. Petrol which would actually cost close to Rs.40 a litre and diesel about Rs.45 a litre ends up being sold at Rs.65 - Rs.70. This distortion in pricing at the retail end is because of informal control of the government.

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