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petrol diesel and biodiesel trend today
Biodiesel is a real alternative to traditional diesel

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 23rd July, 2019.

petrol diesel prices in India are changed daily in line with a rise and fall of global crude prices. Following the daily price revision of auto fuels in India, Petrol and diesel prices are remained unchanged today for last ten days across the country. Petrol is being sold at Rs.73.35 per liter while diesel is offered at Rs.66.24 a liter in the capital city of India, Delhi.


A news biodiesel facility begins operations in Barnawartha in the Australian state of Victoria, supplying biodiesel fuel blends B5, B20 and B100. The biodiesel  made from a diverse range of feed stocks including recycled cooking oil and animal fats meeting strict technical fuel quality. The engine performance spec can be used in existing diesel engines without modifications and is covered by all major engine manufacturers warranties. Biodiesel is most often in blends of up to 5% (B5) or 20%(B20), offering a real alternative to traditional diesel.

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