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Petrol and Diesel price trend in 2018
Lower prices bring year end cheer

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 31st Dec, 2018.

In India, Petrol and Diesel prices are slipped for the fifth day after a gap of one day. Today, Petrol prices are dipped by 20 paise and Diesel prices are edged down by 30 paise per ltr in the capital city of India. In Delhi, Petrol is sold at Rs.68.84 a liter and Diesel is priced at Rs.62.86 per ltr. 


In 2018, Petrol and diesel price trend gained momentum due to its high volatility spurred by global oil prices. During the year 2018 , Petrol prices are dipped by Rs.1.13 or 1.5 pct and Diesel prices are propped up by Rs.3.22 or 5.41 pct. The motor fuel oil prices started rising sharply from the beginning of  the year with a rapid increase in global oil prices to post 5 - 7 percentage increase between Jan-Mar quarter. 

Between April-June, petrol prices rose moderately by 2.98 pct while diesel prices spiked by 4.54 percentage. In the second quarter ( July-Sep), Both the fuel prices peaked its highs by posting 8.3% surge in petrol prices and 9.21% spike in Diesel prices due to high oil prices along with the rout in currency markets. From the beginning of Oct, gasoline prices slided by 11.93 pct and Diesel prices are plunged by 17.27 pct till today. Finally The year 2018 ended with cheers from low oil prices negating all the previous hikes. 

Have a good day and Happy New Year.

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