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PET KIT (Pulverized coal/coke Injection System)
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Pet kit (Pulverized coal/coke Injection System) is the key equipment of solid fuel combustion system in Bituminous/asphalt hot mixing plants. It not only convey fuel Powder(coal/coke) into hearth through pet kit (pulverized coal/coke Injection System), but also the burning needed air is conveyed through.

Pet Kit is a pulverised coal/coke injection system in to the rotary drum dryer during the manufacturing process of bituminous concrete in the hot mixing plants. Pet kit (pulverised coal/coke Injection system) is an essential device or equipment designed to  asphalt/bitumen mixing equipment to generate a temperature in the rotary drum dryer which shares a large part in the total operational cost of bituminous concrete. Under the condition of ensuring the operation of Bitumen mixing equipment, how to select a proper Fuel injection equipment, which not only utilizes energy effectively but also lowers cost and reduces environment pollution has become a problem that is highly regarded by highway construction and maintenance enterprises. it is witnessed that improved coal/coke burning equipments show a great market potentiality. It is also pointed out that domestic powder coal/coke burners should progress gradually in following aspects to achieve broader perspective: improving fuel pumping structure to suit multiple coal/coke categories for the operation in different area and capable of combined burning with additional oil when heat radiation and volatility are relatively low, realizing automatic ignition, automatic control on coal/coke to air ratio and material temperature and interaction with control system of asphalt/Bitumen mixing plant, consideration on environment problems, low dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfide in emission, equipping problem of safety devices for powder coal/coke burner operation, safety and explosion proof are the essential problems that must be solved in the production and storage of powder coal/coke.


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