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OCN 9810
OCN 9810


INTRODUCTION: Dispersants typically contain a hydrocarbon attached to an amine or alcohol containing polar group. The hydrocarbon “tail” serves to solubilize the molecule in lubricant base stock, while the polar group serves to attract the polar contaminants resulting from the lube breakdown. The dispersant forms million of minute structures in the lubricants base stocks,which contain a highly polar core and disperse enormous amount of polar contaminants. These contaminants are products of oxidation, which serves as precursors to varnish carbon and sludge formation as well as ready-formed varnish/carbon/sludge deposits. the dispersed contaminants are held in “solution” in the base stock while already-formed deposits are cleaned off the metal are elastomer surfaces.Both the suspended precursors and deposit will readily pass through commonly used filters. Ultimately,when these cores are saturated, the dispersant can no longer pick up contaminants, so the oil must be drained.However, the oil should be drained well before this stage is achieved systems.

PERFORMANCE: Dispersants can also emulsify water and can provide some secondary benefits in corrosion and rust protection. In addition, because of their surfactancy, dispersants are attracted to metal surfaces and may provide some measure of protection against rust and corrosion formation by coating the metal surface. OCN 9810 works with other anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives in supreme way in formulations of industrial and automotive oils and greases.

DESCRIPTION: OCN-9810 is oil soluble ashless dispersant recommended for engine oils, thermic fluids,quenching oils 0.5 to 1.5% w/w.


It gives better performance at lower concentrations, Higher maximum protection due to high thermal stability and also cost effective.

It has excellent reserved alkalinity which protects oil degradation.Easily miscible and flowable liquid.Even at higher concentrations it does not allow gum and lacquer/varnish formations.

It prevents catalytic effect of the metal at higher temperatures.Compatible with all conventional automotive and industrial additives.

DOSAGEOCN 9810 at 0.5 – 1.5% treat level or as per requirements of formulators.


Physical state






Flash Point °C COC min


Density @ 25 °C


Viscosity @ 100 °C., cSt.


PERFORMANCE TEST:  IP 48, tested at 200 °C for 164 Hrs at flow rate of 10 litres/hr of air in typical formulations of compressor oils ISO VG 150 grade.

Viscosity rise without OCN 9810                       47%

Viscosity rise with OCN 9810 @                        15%