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LPG price today // 01-04-2023
14.2 kg, 19 kg Cylinder Prices

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 1st April, 2023.


Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, LP gas) is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gasses such as propane and butane. LPG has a very wide variety of uses, Mainly used for cylinders across. LPG is the preferred fuel source for cooking in many countries for economic reasons. LPG prices are largely dependent on international prices of crude. LPG price in India is determined by the national oil companies and is set to revise on a monthly basis. The Government of India is currently providing subsidies on the sale of domestic LPG cylinders to the consumers. The subsidy amount is directly credited to the individual's bank account after the purchase of the cylinder. The subsidy amount varies every month and is dependent on the changes in the average international benchmark LPG prices added with the foreign exchange rate. 

1/4/2023Cylinder TypeLPG Price
14.2 Kg CylinderRs. 1155
19 Kg CylinderRs. 2247.5


For the month of April, in the national capital of India, a 14.2 kgs cylinder is sold at Rs.1103. In Kolkata, a 14.2 kg's cylinder is priced at Rs.1129. In Mumbai, 14.2 kg’s cylinder is quoted at Rs.1102.5 while Chennai is selling 14.2 kg’s cylinder at Rs.1118.5. In Hyderabad, LPG 14.2 kg’s cylinder is rated Rs.1155.


For the month of April, in the national capital of India, 19.0 kg cylinder is sold at Rs.2028. In Kolkata, a 19.0 kg cylinder is priced at Rs.2132. In Mumbai, a 19 kg cylinder is quoted at Rs.1980 while Chennai is selling a 19 kg cylinder at Rs.2192.5. In Hyderabad, LPG 19 kgs cylinder is rated Rs.2247.5.

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