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Bunker Price Index // Week 06-10 Dec, 2021
Furnace oil price in India may go down

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 14th Dec 2021.


Fuel oil 380 cSt prices went up $20.89 or 5.24 pct to $429.22 while MDO prices turned down by $4.33 or 0.69 pct and MGO prices also settled up by $4.62 or 0.796 pct  during the week. Following the global markets trend, We expect Furnace oil retail selling prices may be revised down for the first half of Dec, 2021.


Terminal Congestion and delayed barge loading tightened Bunker Fuel availability in Singapore. VLSFO lead time was 9-11 days , LSMGO lead time was 7-9 days and HSFO lead time was 7-9 days respectively last week.  

Fujairah prompt bunker availability has improved slightly this week. Since Supplier ran out of product, The port’s ealiery delivery dates for all fuel grades have brought forward to about five days from eight days.

Bunker operations have been running smoothly in Xue Shan. Incoming fuel oil cargoes replenished supplies. Recommended lead time for VLSFO and LSMGO was 2-3 days, Much shorter than compared to Singapore.

Ara region supplies are tightened since the buyers have been looking to book stems in the second half of December. As pre-holiday bunker schedules are starting to fill up, Bunker supply of LSMGO and VLSFO became tightened amid strong bunker demand and a lack of access to light cycle oil for VLSFO blending. 

LSMGO supplies tightened across Russian Baltic sea ports of Lucca and St.petersburg and Black sea ports of Novosibirsk.

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