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Bunker Price Index // 30-01-2023
FO prices in India may go up

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 30th Jan, 2023.

The VLSFO crack price in Singapore is the difference in price between VLSFO and the benchmark crude oil, typically Brent or Dubai, in the Singapore market. It is the measure of the profitability of producing and selling VLSFO and is used to assess the market demand for the product. The VLSFO crack price in Singapore can fluctuate daily based on various factors such as the availability of crude oil, demand for VLSFO and refining margins. The VLSFO crack has come off today morning at $13.90/bbl, down by $0.6/bbl from Friday's settlement. Ample fuel oil supply and lack of demand added to downward pressure. In India, Fuel oil retail selling prices are expected to go up on Feb 1st. 

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