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Biodiesel and petrol diesel price today // 05-08-2019
US to maximise benefits of waster-derived fuels

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 5th August, 2019.

petrol diesel prices in India are changed daily in line with a rise and fall of global crude prices. Following the daily price revision of auto fuels in India, Petrol and diesel prices are pushed down across India during the last week. Petrol prices are decreased by 62 paise or 0.9% while diesel prices are marginally slipped by 3 paise or 0.05% in New Delhi. Petrol is priced at Rs.72.37 per ltr while diesel is being sold at the rate of Rs.65.94 a liter in the capital city of India.


The U.S currently does not produce energy from waste  on a large scale, despite the fact that the processes are well established elsewhere. Biofuels in the US are currently widely produced from agricultural crop feed stocks, Including corn. The US has tried bio fuels, but they want better bio fuels. As per UCLA study, The US has the potential to generate 3.1-3.8 exajoules of renewable energy each year using currently available waste resources. The study also concluded that using waste products has the potential to remove 103-178 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year - equal to the emissions from 37 million cars. The use of biofuels should also not be limited to any one application - the fuel can be used in cars, trucks , airplanes and ships. Studies have shown that aviation, shipping and trucking currently account for around 8% of global carbon emissions, so introducing a mandate requiring the use of biofuel blends could be effective, encouraging the development of large-scale biofuel technologies.

Courtesy:biofuel international, University of California, Los Angeles

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