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Bio diesel - Retrofitting boiler for the usage of biodiesel
Performance of boiler before and after retrofitting on the use of biodiesel

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 13th August, 2019.

Biodiesel is used as an alternative to Fuel oil used in the boiler. Researchers recommended certain technical adjustments or modifications to ensure the boiler's performance and durability of the equipment albeit no engine modification needed in lower blends. The diesel oil was introduced in biodiesel blends of 10%(B10), 20%(B20) and 25% (B25). A Fire tube boiler was used for the test with pressure of 2 bar and heat input capacity of 60,000 Kcal. The boiler retrofit is conducted by fine tuning the fan damper scale (FDS) and adding a heating feature on fuel system. It was specifically intended to maintain the quality of combustion and boiler efficiency as well as to avoid an increase in fuel consumption. The combustion behavior was monitored by exhaust emissions of CO, NOx and SO2. The damper scale (FDS) and fuel temperature is adjusted by the increasing portion of biodiesel used. The fuel heating apparatus was set at temperatures of 40*C for the use of B10 and 60*C for B20 and B25. The FDS adjustment was successfully resulted a reduction in rate of combustion air by average of 9.2%. The boiler retrofitting for the utilisation of B10, B20 and B25 showed an increase in boiler efficiency by 0.64%, 0.42% and 2.6% respectively. The boiler retrofitting is surprisingly reduced the fuel consumption by average of 11.2%.

Source:International Journal on Advanced science Engineering Information Technology

Courtesy: www.researchgate.net / publication on Boiler Retrofit for the Utilisation of Biodiesel by Leily Nurul Komaraiah and Marwani