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Bio-diesel made greatest impact on reducing emissions
Eliminated 4.3 million tons of carbon dioxide in California in 2018

By Srinivas Chowdary Sunkara // petrobazaar // 29th May, 2019


California would not have been able to achieve its 2020 climate goals in 2018 without the support of bio diesel and renewable diesel fuels according to the recent data from the California Air Resources Board Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. According to the data, Bio-diesel eliminated carbon dioxide more than any other type of fuel , Including ethanol and battery electric power. 

The latest generation of diesel engines can be more easily paired with bio diesel as per the Diesel Technology Forum. Current engines can reach near zero emissions performance on standard diesel fuel and when paired with biodiesel, The clean diesel engines are capable of delivering immediate clean air and GHG reductions. Unlike other alternative fuel types, bio-fuels do not require additional fueling infrastructure. Bio diesel is considered advance fuel by CARB and the environmental protection agency, Capable of reducing GHG emissions by 50% or more over traditional fossil - based equivalentsBio diesel is often blended with ultra-low-sulfur fuel in blends such as B20 to reduce GHGs and is widely supported by automakers and engine manufacturers.

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